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Unmissable Seminars

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  • Kevin Paxton: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Kevin Paxton

    Leicester City FC

    Using Physiological Monitoring & Technology to Inform the Coaching Process

  • Alex Wolf: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Alex Wolf

    English Institute of Sport & GB Rowing

    Coach or scientist; lessons learnt in high performance sport

  • Dr Phill Bell: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr Phill Bell

    GSK Human Performance Lab

    Post-exercise recovery strategies: Friend or Foe?

  • Ian Braid: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Ian Braid

    British Athletes Commission

    The voice of Britain’s elite athletes – The British Athletes Commission’s impact on the sporting careers of top athletes

  • Nick Littlehales: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Nick Littlehales

    James Hale Ltd T/A

    Redefining Sleep in elite sport

  • Ian Rowe: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Ian Rowe

    Atlantic Experience

    Atlantic Experience – ocean rowing world record attempt

  • Professor John Brewer: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Professor John Brewer

    St Mary’s University

    Supplements and the risks of inadvertent Anti-Doping rule violations

  • Chantale Marie Ishac: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Chantale Marie Ishac

    Addiction Intervention

    Addiction in Sport

  • Jamie McDonald: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Jamie McDonald

    Superhero Foundation

    Find Your Inner Superhero

  • Ben Dixon: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Ben Dixon

    Watford Football Club

    Benefits Of Whole Body Cryotherapy For Elite Sports

The Latest Products And Technologies

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DR Therapy adds secure messaging

DR Medical are pleased to announce the addition of secure messaging to the latest version of the DR Therapy app.


New ‘push-pull’ posture T-shirt launching at COPA is a ‘black belt’ for judo champs

"When we first had the idea for a new, lightweight posture T-shirt that can help prevent back pain, we also thought it would be great if it could improve sports performance as well."



Because before sports practice we should prepare for it. Improve your performance. Avoid injury.